Still Love Him? Here Are 3 Ways To Get Over Your Ex

Still Love Him? Here Are 3 Ways To Get Over Your Ex

3 ways to get over your ex


As an intimacy and relationship expert, the one main question I receive is “How do you get over an ex?” Oh, I could go on. I could probably do a whole workshop on this. I mean maybe I ought to because the chance of us having one lover for our entire life is very, very slim. At some point, we’re going to have our heart broken.

If we let our heart stay closed and never open it again, we will never be open to the love that is waiting for us.

Below are 3 Ways to Get Over Your Ex

1. Let yourself feel, cry, emote, let it be okay for emotion to have its way with you. Don’t try and stop it, squish it, control it, or make it mean anything. Just let energy be in motion and emotion. Just let it go through you. Make it easy…put on a sad movie, get in the bathtub, go be in nature whatever you need to do to make feeling emotions as safe and as easy as possible for you. That’s number one.

2. I don’t know why you broke up. There could’ve been a whole number of situations that caused it. I can’t say because I’m not you. A really great process to run no matter what the reason is about forgiveness. It’s this statement: “Thank you for giving me this experience because now I’m stronger. Now I’m wiser. Now I have healthier boundaries. Now I speak the truth. Now I’ve learned compassion.”

Repeat that 10 times and then really go oh my god look at how much more elevated my consciousness is. Look at what a more amazing human being I am. Look at how I’ve grown. At the end of those ten thank yous for giving me this experience, I guarantee you’re going to feel a lot better. A lot of not getting over an ex is that we have not gotten the lesson. As soon as we get the lesson, you’ll be amazed how you can integrate that and move on with a more open, strong yet still soft heart.

3. This is a really great way I had forgotten. Then, my ex-lover reminded me about it. When I am with my lover from before, the energy is literally palpable. If I think right now I’m going to tap into the energy that we share. It’s like I get this big inhale of all this yummy energy. I smile. I soften. I thought that “he was the source of that and that I shall never have that again.” No, remember when we’re together and this is the response this is the mirror of me. So it’s really your yummy mojo energy going out being reflected back by him so what your feeling is you.

Let’s look even deeper, what does it mean? Why is the universe having its way with me?

You can choose to feel into the energy of your next soulmate or your next beloved. What is it going to feel like to be with them and just feel their energy? It’s a way of connecting with them. It’s right there. The energy is right there. We just need to be aware of it and welcome it.

It’s a way of connecting with them. We need to play in it and dance in it. So do that as a way to remind yourself that you’re never alone, never have been and never will be. Remember that this energy of yumminess and support and deliciousness is mirrored back with wonderful partners. It’s also mirrored back 24/7 from the universe and earth.

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